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Mould King 21004 Eclipse Class Dreadnought UCS Star Wars

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 Your collection awaits!! This giant star warship has a wonderful name Eclipse. The eclipse class ship is the largest Dreadnought class ship/superstar destroyer in the galaxy. Although technically there is a difference of 1.5 kilometers between the Executive class Dreadnought Star and the Vengeance class Dreadnought , the total mass and volume of the Eclipse level even exceeds that of the Executor class. It is large enough to be classified as a space station.
The eclipse is the fearless star of the Enforcer class and the twin sister warship of the Enforcer. The Eclipse has a length of 19,000 meters and can reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour using its 13 engine propellers. The eclipse consists of thousands of personnel, equipped with a level 1 super drive, a titanium alloy enhanced hull, more than 5,000 turbo lasers, concussion missile tubes and ion cannon batteries.

Challenge this highly difficult MOULD KING Star Wars building block toy, a huge interstellar battleship composed of up to 10,386 parts.

• Features include: laser cannons, projectors, lift hangars, bridges, control towers, drive engines, departure ports, and soldiers’ quarters.
• Extra long size over 1.12 meters
• Various details of highly restored battleship
• This collection comprises over 10,368 pieces.
• Full-color step by step building instructions.
• Eclipse Class Dreadnought measures over 53cm high, 112cm long and 72cm wide.

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