Shipping Policy

We use USPS, UPS & FedEx as our domestic and worldwide shipping partners as well as DHL, depends what you as the customer choose during check-out.

Our Daily Shipping Cut/Off Times per company:

8:30PM PST everyday(except Saturdays, 4PM is Saturdays Cut Off Time) VIA USPS!! We produce label's daily, however we can only ship Monday-Saturday when the Post Office is open.

6:00PM PST everyday except Sundays we ship FedEx and UPS from their main hubs here in Phoenix at the Air Port.

DHL is especial case as its use is very infrequently though we will use it to ship out if asked to use their company to get your item to you.

International Orders

International orders may include an extra import fee, imposed by the receivers home country. This Fee is not related to The Hidden Hideout in any way and must be payed by the customer upon delivery or during shipment as both FedEx and UPS allow for the fee's to be paid via credit card along the way UPS allows you to pay when the package is tracked and COD when it is delivered.

If the customer decides not to pay the import fee they can pay the return shipping for a refund minus the initial shipping charge and a 20% restocking fee or The Hidden Hideout will pay for return shipping and also issue a restocking fee of 35% that will be deducted from refund.  The receiver/purchaser is responsible to call UPS and pay the return fee, UPS- International Phone # is 800-782-7892.

Calculated shipping rates

Calculated shipping rates are shipping costs that are provided by any shipping carriers or apps that you add to your store.

When a customer reaches checkout, their cart information is sent to the shipping carrier or app, and they return what you should charge for shipping.

The benefit of carrier-c0alculated shipping rates is that you can pass on the exact cost of shipping an order directly to the customer.

Calculated shipping rates from shipping carriers

Depending on your store's Shopify subscription plan and location, there are certain shipping carriers you might be able to add directly to your shipping settings.

Shipping carriers can use any of the following when determining how much to charge for shipping:

  • shipping origin
  • shipping destination
  • weight of the shipment
  • value of the shipment
  • dimensions of the shipment box
  • dimensional weight
  • requested speed of delivery

For example, suppose that a customer from Washington D.C., USA reaches the checkout with a 1 kg order. Your store is located in Ottawa, Canada and your default box size is 5" x 7" x 7" weighing 0.375 kg. If you connect your Shopify account with Canada Post, then Canada Post calculates the possible shipping options for your customer based on the order criteria, and provides them at checkout for the customer to choose from.

Calculated shipping rates from apps

Apps can also provide calculated rates if the carrier that you ship through uses an app to integrate with Shopify, or you need a more advanced shipping setup.

We also offer local pick up and delivery which can be chosen at check out!

Local delivery

If your business offers delivery, then you can create a local delivery method for your customers to choose at checkout. You can set a delivery fee and minimum order amount.

Specify the availability of your delivery by listing postal codes or choosing a radius around your business location. If a customer's address has a listed postal code or is within the radius that you set, then they will have the option to choose local delivery as a shipping option at checkout.

Local pickup

You can give your customers the option to come to your business to pick up their order. This is a good way to let customers save on shipping costs, and lets you create a more branded experience for your customers. You can provide pickup instructions and let customers know when they can expect their order to be available.