Blue Lamborghini Centenario CaDA LP 770-4 Master Series C61041 MOC 42056 (LEGO STYLE STATIC MODEL)

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Product description-Static Model(Not RC-Controlled)

Your collection awaits!! The Centenario Roadster is without a doubt a top sports car, designed for unparalleled performance. This model is based on a carbon fiber body and is equipped with a Lamborghini rear-wheel steering system, which provides unparalleled handling and traction. Lamborghini Centenario embodies the unparalleled innovative design and engineering skills of the Angry Bull House. CaDA’s Master series, the Lamborghini Centenario, building block set is a unique 1:8 replica model with a wealth of luxurious features and will make for a perfect display for home or office. Making this set a must have for you in your collection. You deserve the best!! Great for kids 12+

• As the Lamborghini 770-4 centennial commemorative model, the Centenario, which is nominally composed of 3842 parts, has a considerable size, and the length of the entire car even exceeds the Bugatti Chiron.
• High-quality bricks and parts ensures smooth mechanical linkage performance.
• Streamlined body design, highly restored iconic rear end.
• Front and rear independent suspension system, all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension and shock absorber springs, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the body.
• Equipped with 3 settings, when starting, the engine is linked to the V12 engine, which can easily roll over various surfaces.
• Sequential seven-speed gearbox function, the gear can be controlled by the lever in the cab to switch and adjust different speeds.
• The rear wing can be raised and lowered by turning the knob to open and close the door.
• The whole vehicle can be divided into 14 independent modules and assembled into modules to provide more modification space.
• Other features include: liftable rear wing, openable doors, custom painted parts for the rear, and removable luggage compartment.
• Full-color step by step building instructions.
• This set is compatible with other brands and contains 3,842+ pieces.
• Master series Lamborghini Centenario measures over 13cm high, 59cm long and 25cm wide. 

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*Compatible with Other Brands.

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