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Do You Pooh? #1 (2017) CGC 9.9 SS Marat Mychaels"Iron Fist #14" Artist Proof (AP2)

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Rare 9.9 signed Artist Proof!!

Do You Pooh? #1 (2017) "Iron Fist #14" CGC 9.9 SS Marat Mychaels AP2

Artist Proof (AP) are usually kept by the artist but when they are available they are generally limited to 10 copies. this book is 2/10

CGC SS 9.9 Signed by Marat Mychaels Cert# 1595220004

Story by

Terry Sala & Marat Mychaels 

Art by

Dietrich Smith & Marat Mychaels

Cover art

Marat Mychaels





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