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Inhumans Attilan Rising #1 Sketch Edtion CGC 9.8 SS Cover Signed & Sketched by John Timms

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Amazing 1 of a kind 9.8 Custom Color Sketch Cover by the artist of the book!!!

This 9.8 is a true one of a kind!  A very clean book with a blank back still available for another artist to sketch on it!  This is #1 in Marvels Inhumans Attilan Rising!  John Timms the artist of this book did this beautiful color sketch of Medusa, an Inhuman Leader, one of a kind hand sketch! A true treasure for your collection!! Any question about this product please contact us, thanks!

Title: "Part One: The Voice Unheard" (Blank Cover Variant)

Charles D. Soule

John Timms

Roberto Poggi

Frank G. D'Armata - 'fgd'

Clayton Cowles

Charles Beacham
Nicholas Albert 'Nick' Lowe

Cover Artist(s):
(Blank Cover)

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