Mould King 21001 Star Wars Nebula-B Medical Frigate

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Nebula Model B is a frigate, responsible for the medical mission of the Galaxy Fleet, equipped with bacta tanks, medical robots and various medical facilities. The heavily armed Nebula frigate carries 12 turbolaser cannons and other laser weapons. The main weapon of each cannon is mounted on the bottom edge of the front of the hull. Mould King’s UCS Nebula Model B Medical Frigate has a high restoration of shape and details of the frigate. The set comes with a display bracket in the set so it can be easily displayed. This model is a perdect collectible for any Star Wars fans.

• The stern is equipped with 7 ion engines, realistic weapons, and various technological devices.
• The frigate can carry a variety of small galaxy aircraft and fighter jets.
• Rugged and reliable support, convenient for all-round and multi-angle display of the frigate.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 6,388 pieces.
• Full-colour step by step building instructions.
• Mould King Nebulon Model B measures over 55.5cm high, 118cm long and 25cm wide.

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