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Do you Pooh? #1 (2017) CGC 9.8 SS Marat Mychaels "Funko Pop" Chromium Edition Artist Proof ( AP1)

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Rare 9.8 AP1!!! 

Do you Pooh? #1 (2017) "Funke Pop" CGC 9.8 SS Marat Mychaels  Chromium Edition AP1

Artist Proof (AP1) comics are usually kept by the artist but when they are released they are generally limited to 10 copies only! This is 1/10 

 CGC SS 9.8 Signed by Marat Mychaels Cert# 1591417014

Story by

Terry Sala & Marat Mychaels 

 Art by

Dietrich Smith & Marat Mychaels

Cover art

Marat Mychaels



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