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Walking Dead Pooh #nn CGC 9.8 SS Mychaels Chrome Homage to WD108 Artist Proof (AP10)

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Brought to you from Marat Mychaels and Counterpoint Entertainment is another fabulous Chrome cover!  If you have any question regarding this book please feel free to ask.  This is AP3, 1 of 11 Chrome Artist Proofs made.  This is also one of a kind that has been signed by both Marat Mychaels the cover artists of this book and homage to the Walking Dead!

Title: "Walking Dead #108 Chromium AP Edition"

CGC 9.8 SS Cert# 1508437009

Marat Mychaels
Terry Sala

Jacob Bear

Marat Mychaels

Cover Artist(s):
Marat Mychaels

Papa Zack Comics exclusive.
Walking Dead #108 cover homage.


**We will do deals on combination books/sets , i.e.. Normal AP10 Homage to WD108 and Chrome AP10.  It would be a set of the AP10 that were made.  Contact us for details either by phone or at

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