The Hidden Hideout

Fantastic Four #46 CGC 9.0 SS Stan Lee & Joe Sinnott!

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We bring you a special book, 1st appearance of Black Bolt, leader of The Inhuman's Marvels newest TV show!!!!  This is a fabulous book at a 9.0 grade dual signed by the co-cover artist and the inker as well as the writer and editor!  You cant get much better than this for this book and it just keeps rising in value all across the board!!!!  Very hard to get intros high grade with these signatures on it!  Only 8 books in the world better than this one. Special Stan Lee Label. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!!!!! THANKS The Hidden Hideout!  CERT. #1585720001.        1/66

Stan 'The Man' Lee

Jack 'King' Kirby

Joe Sinnott

(Unknown Creator)

Art 'Artie' Simek

Stan 'The Man' Lee

Cover Artist(s):
Jack 'King' Kirby
Joe Sinnott

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