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Do You Pooh? #1 (2017) CGC 9.8 SS Marat Mychaels "Amazing Spiderman #363" Artist Proof (AP3)

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Beautiful 9.8!!

Do you Pooh? #1 (2017) "Amazing Spiderman #363" CGC 9.8 SS Marat Mychaels AP3.  This issue of Spiderman called "Savage Grace."

Original Issue Synopsis:
The Conclusion: After abducting Jameson, Carnage goes to a concert at Madison Square Garden, where he begins killing more people. Spiderman and Venom arrive and a major battle begins.

This is 1 of only 10 Artist Proofs(AP) printed of this cover.  While only a total of 55 copies of this cover were made, this is a very limited print run, including 20 chromes, 10 AP's and 10 of the numbered print run we published.

CGC SS 9.8 Signed by Marat Mychaels Cert# 1595227016

Story by
Terry Sala & Marat Mychaels 
Art by
Dietrich Smith & Marat Mychaels
Cover art
Marat Mychaels

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