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Mould King 21003 Tantive IV Corellian Corvette MOC 75244

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The Tantive IV CR90 cruiser, also known as the Corellian Corvette or Rebel Blockade Runner, is a small multi-functional battleship manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation. As a multifunctional interstellar spacecraft, CR90 is widely used throughout the galaxy by government and private interests. The CR90's interior adopts a modular design, which makes it easy to reconfigure the Corellian frigate from one function to another. Some old frigates, such as CR70, can be easily upgraded to CR90 through modification kits such as Vanguard c20. The standard configuration of the CR90 cruiser is equipped with two Taim&Bak H9 twin turbocharged lasers and four single turbocharged lasers, but the weapon systems are different. The CR90 light cruiser can carry up to 8 turbo lasers, 6 laser cannons and 4 ion cannons. But in the standard configuration, these turrets cannot hit any objects behind the frigate engine. MOULD KING 21003 Tantive IV CR90 building set is a great set for Star Wars fans.

• This high-detailed Mould King Rebel Bockade Runner building set is perfect for playing or showing, as well as recreating amazing moments in Star Wars movies, or performing your own exciting adventures!
• Features include: signal receiver, defense turret, thruster, attack turret.
• Comes with a display stand at the bottom of the spacecraft.
• This collection comprises over 2,905 pieces.
• Full-colour step by step building instructions.
• Tantive IV CR90 measures over 22cm high, 62cm long and 20cm wide.

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