Mould King 21009 UCS Sandcrawler

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Sandcrawlers, or stylized hourglass crawlers, are large, slow, trampling vehicles that are used as self-propelled bases for self-digging teams. The most famous use of these boats, most of which were later converted by Jawas into their mobile homes, was on Tatooine, where the heavy sand reptiles climbed the sand dunes. The Sandcrawler is powered by eight large turbines to drive the tread that pulls it across the desert dunes. Due to incomplete maintenance, sand sand may malfunction at any time. Sandcrawler has a maze of tunnels, living rooms and rooms, which are equipped with parts, machinery and captured robots. Although there are hatches between the large crawlers that allow you to enter and exit the crawlers, the front opening of the Sandcrawler forms a large ramp. They are strong enough to withstand the Tusken Raiders, but they cannot match the Imperial Commandos.

• Use this huge Mould King Star Wars Sandcrawlers set to reproduce the classic Tatooine scene in Star Wars: A New Hope..
• Power Function parts include: 6 x XL motors, 1 x battery box, 1 x motor extension wire
• Full-color step by step building instructions.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 13,168 pieces.
• Mould King Sandcrawlers measures over 70.2cm high, 94.6cm long and 37.9cm wide.

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