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Thief of Thiefs #1 Image Expo Edition/Convention Edition CGC 9.8

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Beautiful 9.8!!

We have a true gem for sale with this Limited Edition Image Expo or Convention Edition CGC 9.8!  The reason why its marked as either is that CGC for a time had it marked as Image Expo and they changed it in their system to convention, so some of the labels say Image Expo and some say Convention Edition**.  If you have any questions about this product please let us know!

Title: "Chapter 1, The Thief and His Apprentice" (Image Expo Variant)

Robert Kirkman
Nick Spencer

Shawn C. Martinbrough

Shawn C. Martinbrough

Felix Serrano

Rus Wooton

Sina Grace

Cover Artist(s):
Shawn C. Martinbrough
Felix Serrano


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