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Walking Dead Pooh #nn CGC 9.8 SS Jeffery Dean Morgan "WD111 Homage"Artist Proof (AP7)

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Stunning 9.8 Artist Proof signed by "Negan"!!!

***Specially Signed by Actor Jeffery Dean Morgan the man and myth who plays "Negan" on "The Walking Dead!"  This is a very limited book! Not just the small print run but the fact it it was signed by him!!! Very special book!!!  For any JDM enthusiast! 

Brought to you from Marat Mychaels and Counterpoint Entertainment is another fabulous Black and White cover!  If you have any question regarding this book please feel free to ask.  This is AP7, 1 of 11 Artist Proofs made.  This is also one of a kind that has been signed by both Marat Mychaels the cover artists of this book and homage to the Walking Dead, and Robert Kirkman the creator of the Walking Dead! 

Title: "Walk Dead #111 AP7 Edition"

CGC 9.8 SS cert#1449415013

Marat Mychaels
Terry Sala

Jacob Bear

Marat Mychaels

Cover Artist(s):
Marat Mychaels

Walk Dead #111 AP7 Edition


**We will do deals on combination books/sets , i.e.. Normal AP3 Homage to WD108 and Chrome AP3.  Only some set can be created.  Contact us for details either by phone or at

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